8 Hair Accessories That Are Major Right Now


It's time to get your adult barrette box in order!

We all remember sitting Indian style in the living room as the matriarch of our family gathered our edges and braided our hair into pigtails, then finished it off with a fly barrette. If you didn't come home with the same number of barrettes you left the house with, you knew it was your a--!

The new hair accessory trends give me nostalgia of those days. No matter how much I hated getting my hair done, I knew I was going to be the envy of my classroom and playground. These days, we are keeping that same energy by adorning our hair in the coolest ways.

In case you needed a rundown, we gathered some of the hottest accessories sure to keep you on trend and feeling yourself:

Rhinestone Bobby Pins with Statement Words and Phrases

Come thru, drippin'!

Celebrity Hairstylist Justine Marjan x Kitsch Hair Accessories Collaboration

Anytime I have the chance to make a statement, I take it! This is one of those times. I love that creatives have designed pieces that are bold and in your face. I can't wait until I find one that says, "Don't touch my hair!"


Do you enjoy adding adornments to your hair? Share some of your secrets!

Featured image by Getty Images.

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