10 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

Raise your hand if you like any exercise that doesn't require running.


I love to exercise.

Correction: I like to exercise.

Correct, correction: I like to exercise when the workout routine requires anything but running.

I know, I know. I've heard it all before, "If you run often enough, you'll eventually love it."

Nevertheless, I loathe the exercise that requires I put one foot in front of the other for long periods of time. And no matter how often I do it, I find that no amount of suffering through it makes me enjoy the experience any more.

I get it, some people naturally love running. However, I and many others are just not built for it and all its wonders. Even though we are happy to be left out of the strenuous activities running entails, this hatred does, admittedly, leave us out of the calorie-burning benefits running has to offer. So, what do we do?

Don't sweat it. For those of us that hate running, or like running but want a change, here are some calorie-burning alternatives that don't require you give into the peer pressure of being about that running life. Besides, these exercises burn more calories than running anyway. Check them out:

Battle Ropes

Average Calorie Burn: 10.3 calories per minute

Sculpting your arms, shoulders, and back, while burning calories has never been so easy. Battle rope combines elements of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, to create the ultimate calorie burner. The main advantage this exercise holds over traditional running is that not only is the calorie burn per minute higher during your workout, but you also burn more calories and fat for up to 24 hours after finishing.

As identified by a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, swinging battle ropes "for 10 minutes burns 112 calories." In addition, the average person can burn from anywhere in the range of 300-500 calories per half hour.

Bonus: The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged to create a versatile workout plan. In addition, battle ropes provide a dual-force dynamic effect to improve physiological response, less injuries and more results, stronger muscles, mobility, and stability.

Featured image by Getty Images

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Originally published January 25, 2019

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