10 Casual Outfit Ideas To Fall For This Autumn

Who says keeping it casual means you can't have a fashion moment?


We are so sad to say goodbye to September but we welcome October with open arms because it means fall and that means cozy, casual outfits.

September, aka fashion month, lasted for a hot minute and we spent most of it obsessing over every Fashion Week around the globe. Now that it's over, we want to balance our wardrobe with some equally casual getups. Sometimes doing the most can be draining and all you want is to look fly with little to no effort. While this doesn't mean that we aren't going to give it to the people, this does mean we will provide some symmetry between the high fashion risk-taking days and the chill, relaxed days.

Need some help with that balance? Flip through our slideshow for some stylish gals showing us how to make casual still look like a whole moment.

Chauntelle, Nonee & Felicia

All of these looks are winners. From Chauntelle's jumpsuit to Nonee's colorful skirt to Felicia's graphic tee, you can't go wring with any of these lewks.

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Featured image by @sandralambeck (gave permission)

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