The Best Foods To Fuel Your Body Post-Workout


I get it, sis. You just worked your tail off with a workout where you felt you could literally feel your calories burning off for good. But the work doesn't end there.

While we're all trying channel our inner Tracee Ellis Ross and Angela Bassett, a solid workout isn't enough. Even if you feel like you just did all the cardio in the world. What you eat after your workout can play a major part in determining if everything you just did will matter or nah. And while it's tempting to treat yourself to Chick-Fil-A and Dairy Queen, there are better options that will fuel that intense workout.

Aye, Potatoes! 


Healthy Roasted Potatoes

While French fries are clearly not the best option to load up on after working out, that doesn't mean you can't eat regular potatoes (i.e. baked potatoes, sautéed potatoes and such). When prepared the right way, they can actually serve as a good carb and restore your body with necessary glycogen, which helps keep your blood sugar levels on point. It goes without saying that fruits and vegetables are great for after a workout, but the key is balance. And that's where potatoes come in. Other good carbs include oatmeal, crackers, a granola bar, and dried fruit.

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