The Chunky Boots Trend All The IG It Girls Are Wearing


Bruno Mars sung it best, "Chunky, I'm looking for them girls with the big ol' [boots]!"

Okay, he did say "hoops" and not "boots" but I couldn't help myself. Irregardless, chunky boots are fashion 'it' girls favorite trend. Why? Because they are stylish and functional. Like most trends, chunky boots are reminiscent of the 90's grunge we all adore.

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You have had some time to get into wearing bulky things with ugly sneakers and puffer coats. This is just another trend to say you tried. And if you're worried about how to pull them off, you know we have rounded up some hotties already donning the trend.

Go ahead and flip through the slideshow!


Veronica paired some plaid pants with her chinky boots and she did a great job pulling in the white from the stripes.

Are you down with the chunky boot trend? Tell us how you rock them!

Featured image by Micaela Verrelien/Johnny Komodo

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