These Are Our Favorite Summer '18 Festival Trends


Summer '18 is here and festival season is in full swing. And whether you're going to Curlfest, Afropunk, or Made in America, you need to ensure you have your looks down.

Fanny packs are back with a vengeance, and I am in full support of this movement, it's such a practical way to store all your essentials while still looking lit. Sportswear has been another key trend this year. You will be sure to find other festival-goers donning tracksuit pants, bike shorts, shell suits and dad trainers. And, if you want an easy life, rock a matching set because co-ords are everywhere now. Old favorites prints and sequins also remain festival staples.

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I've already started my festival rounds in Europe, and here's what I wore to see some of favourites:

Day 1 - Camo trousers and a bodysuit

Day 2 - Bike shorts romper and cropped denim jacket

Day 3 - Crop top with Adidas popper track pants

For a guide to nailing that statement festival look, here is some inspiration from the 'gram of some of the best festival looks we've seen this year so far:

1. Prints

Incorporate touches of snake, leopard prints, African kente, and camouflage prints into your outfits.

*Featured image by Notorious Kia

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