Now more than ever, representation of various cultures, races, genders, and lifestyles are very important to combat the continuously rising level of hatred that is permeating the country right now.

Teen Vogue is making the leap to show just how crucial representation and visibility is by putting Muslim model Halima Aden on the July cover wearing a hijab.

It's fitting that Halima Aden, one of the hottest upcoming models-of-the-moment, is gracing the July cover of Teen Vogue, considering that although Americans celebrate Independence Day this month, the patriotic feelings of minorities and immigrants are anything but celebratory these days. Aden, who garnered early attention in 2017 for modeling for Yeezy Season 5, the uber-popular clothing line by Kanye West, made history by being the first model wearing a hijab to cover a major American publication.

In the inspiring in-depth interview, Aden talks about her childhood in Kenya, her immigration to the U.S., her fast-rising modeling career, children being ripped from their parents due to the new immigration policy and more.

On the recent U.S. zero-tolerance immigration policy:

"I was a child refugee and I can't even imagine the trauma that would come from being ripped from my mother. It leaves them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Child refugees are a nonpartisan issue."

On the lack of representation of Muslim models growing up:

"Growing up, I never saw magazine articles painting Muslim women in a positive light. In fact, if I saw an article about someone who looked like me, it would be the complete opposite."

On being a new UNICEF Ambassador:

"They always reminded me as a kid that I was not forgotten. I didn't know what life outside of a camp looked like. I couldn't even imagine it. UNICEF was [my world]. Before I could sign my own name, when I was literally doing 'x' for my name, I could spell UNICEF."

You can check out the full interview here.

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