Kanye's 'Yeezus' Tour Merchandise Features Confederate Flags & Praying Skeletons

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Kanye West Yeezus Tour 5
Oh my!

Kanye said that rappers are the new rockstars and he's proving just that, with his new punk-rock/heavy metal influenced Yeezus merchandise.

The tour just kicked off on Saturday night in Seattle and before we could even roll out of the weekend Kanye had folks buzzing after he brought out "white Jesus" and his own female disciples dressed in flesh-toned body suits. If you thought that was something to talk about, his merch will have you stopping and saying, "What the?!" since he decided to go with themes that feature Confederate flags, skulls and skeletons, dark religious imagery, and Native American symbolism.

The shirts, which run from $30-$40 each, were reportedly designed by artist Wes Lang.

Peep a few below:

Kanye West Yeezus Tour 1 Kanye West Yeezus Tour 2 Kanye West Yeezus Tour 4 Kanye West Yeezus Tour 6  Kanye West Yeezus Tour 3


Via Buzzfeed

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