10 Gifts Your Best Friend Will Love


Without a doubt, best friends are earth angels placed here to make life a whole lot better.

They are there smiling and cheering us on at every accomplishment and crying with us when our world is turned upside down. None of them are replaceable and all of them deserve the best in life. Because of all they do, best friends are a prime candidate for bomb ass gifts all year round. Struggling to find the perfect gift for your bestie? We've compiled some pretty dope gifts for the pretty dope girls in your life.

Check out our list of ideas including accessories, clothing, home décor, makeup and more.

Aromatherapy By The 125 Collection, $35.

Shop Here.

Candles are always a winner for your best friend who is big on self-care. Grab a few yummy scents dressed in empowering sayings from The 125 Collection.

A Corckcicle Canteen by h kyle boutique, $29.

Shop h kyle.

Personalized items are hands down the best. Show your thoughtfulness with a personalized Corkcicle or monogrammed jacket from h kyle boutique.

A Spa Day.

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Big things come in little gift card packages. Hook your bestie up with one to her favorite spa for a day of relaxation and unwinding.

The Holiday Collection by The Lip Bar, $37.99.

Shop The Lip Bar.

You can't go wrong with a red lip. Get your fave the Holiday Collection by The Lip Bar. It comes with three red lippies inclusive of a red matte lipstick, a metallic gloss, and a moisturizing metallic lipstick.

The Classic Happy Planner, $24.99.

Shop me & my BIG ideas.

If your girlfriend doubles as a lady boss, she'll love the 2019 Happy Planner. This customizable planner comes with great inserts that make getting your life in order cute and fun.

Wireless Ear Pod Headphones by Urban Outfitters, $30.

Shop Urban Outfitters.

Have a best friend who's a fitness enthusiast or frequent traveler? Gift her fancy airpod headphones for the gym or her flight.

Kool Kitty by Nirvana Wild, $52.

Shop Nirvana Wild.

Send positive vibes to your bestie with a beautiful crystal necklace from Nirvana Wild. Quartz, Citrine, or Amethyst are a good start.

A Bottle of Wine by a Black-Owned Wine Company.

Let her wine about it with a good bottle from one of these black-owned wine businesses.

3-Pc Bloom Gift Set by Gucci.

Shop Macy's.

We all like to smell good. Hook your friend up with the white floral scent of Gucci Bloom. The gift set comes with regular spray, a roller, and body lotion.

EMU Mayberry Slipper in Dove Grey Sheepskin by burnt sugar, $59.95.

Shop burnt sugar.

She'll love these cozy slippers. They're comfortable enough for the house and cute enough to wear out.

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