FENTY Beauty Galaxy Collection Is Dropping On Friday & It's Out Of This World

FENTY Beauty blew us away with its debut back in September which may have been the most iconic launch of all time (definitely of 2017).

Now, FENTY is back at it again with the Galaxy Holiday collection dropping October 13th. Rihanna is making this Friday the 13th something to remember with a collection that is out of this world.

Scream now!

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The FENTY Galaxy Collection will consist of 13 products total; an eyeshadow palette, an eyeshadow brush, 3 liquid glitter eyeliners, 4 lips glosses and 4 lipsticks. The collection will be in Sephora and online this Friday so act fast or you will miss out.

Cosmic Lip Glitters


Eyeshadow Palette

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2 in 1 Glitter Release Eyeliners

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Not sure why Rihanna is slaying our lives this hard with FENTY Beauty but we love it.

Which products from the Galaxy Collection are you most excited for?

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