Summer Style Guide: Crop Tops the 2018 Way


Crop tops are the perfect way to keep it cute and flirty this summer season. It's also HOT AF outside and with this chocolatey skin of ours, we can't be out here melting.

One of the pros of rocking a crop top is that they look great on every body type! They are also almost always on trend whenever the summer heat wave arrives. And since they are a mainstay, we want to ensure you know how to pull off the style by selecting some of our favorite crop top looks of the 2018 summer season. Flip through the slideshow to add some of these bomb additions to your wardrobe!

Embroidered Mesh Crop Ruffle Top

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Sheer + petals = hotness. Pair this top with high waist bottoms for a classic retro look. Cop this top at Topshop ($60).

If you purchase items from the links provided, xoNecole may earn an affiliate commission.

Are you into crop tops this season? Share with us which crop top you can't wait to rock!

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