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Ciara Brushes Off Dwight Howard Rumors

Another day, another rumor involving Ciara with a 'baller'.

After being linked to NBA player Amar'e Stoudemire and Panthers' cutie Cam Newton, Ciara is now rumored to be dating Dwight Howard, who was recently traded to the Lakers.  According to random rumors that circulated online this week, she's been on quite a few dates with Dwight, however, she brushed off the rumors yesterday by posting to twitter:

“Wonder who the new man is next week! Looks like the only person missing is Phil Jackson, and I would’ve done em all! haha! #GetoffMyNippz,

She also posted a '10 Things You Don't Know About Me' note to her instagram, where she revealed:

The only thing I fear is not having family, kids and love. I believe without love, you have nothing.

Sometimes I want to speak on the lies people make up, but over the years I've learned the truth always reveals itself on its own.

Peep the other 8 below:

Welcome to LA!



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