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Celebs Cast Their Vote: Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Mariah, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Brandy & More

Today is election day! Have you voted?  Check out a few of the celebs that have...

Brandy and her boyfriend Ryan Press were early voters this year.  The two snapped a pic out at the polls with the caption: "We voted!!! Me and ryanpress215... and our baby got to witness it!!"

Beyonce posted a photo to her Tumblr page after she voted.

No need to ask who she voted for.   She joined Instagram today and went HAM for Obama!  ---> Handle: @baddiebey

Ne-Yo is a dedicated voter.  Yesterday, while on a promo run in New York, he found out his absentee ballot did not make it in as a result of Sandy. He hopped on a plane back to Atlanta to vote this morning and jumped right back on a plane to New York to film a Walmart Soundcheck this afternoon. Kudos Ne-Yo!

Mary J. Blige was spotted casting her ballot!

Usher voted down in Atlanta. He tweeted, "I voted for FORWARD movement."

Mariah Carey voted in New York.. She tweeted, "Pon de line, ooooh it's early! Haaaaa #Obama2012."

Eva Marcille showed off her 'I Voted' sticker as she left the polls in LA.

Keri Hilson voted early in Georgia.  She tweeted a photo with the caption, "My voice was heard today as an African-American, as someone from the Middle-Class, but most importantly in this particular election, as a WOMAN. #VOTE".

Tyra was spotted voguing at the polls. She wrote, "I voted 4 the man I believe will run our country best 4 my future children."

Ashanti cast her vote in Glen Cove, NY. She tweeted, "Today is the day for you to protect your future & so on...It is painfully important for you to get out there & vote! Please don't disrespect the many lives that were lost to give you the opportunity that they never had to make change. Letsssssssss Gooooooo Vote!!!!!!"

Celebs were spotted doing last minute campaigning this weekend as well. Michael Ealy and Lala Anthony hit up Norfolk State University to encourage the students to vote for President Obama.

Kerry Washington flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida over the weekend  to take part in the OFA – ‘It’s On You’ Early Vote” event.  Wearing a Florida for Obama tee, she spent the day encouraging people to go out and vote early.

Gabrielle Union hit the stage at Florida Memorial University to show her support for President Obama.  She told the students, 'You got your own mind, you better use it! 'I applaud Barack Obama for speaking out to advance the equality for all Americans, for helping women fight for equal pay, for equal work and for knowing that we're all more than capable of making our own health decision.'

Kevin Hart and Letoya Luckett were spotted on the North Carolina Central University campus encouraging students to exercise their right to vote.

Actress Tatyana Ali has been volunteering her time for the Obama campaign.  She was spotted in Youngstown holding up a, "Stop Disrespecting My President" sign while visiting young voters in the area.

Catch more pics of celebs voting and on the campaign trail in the Photo Gallery

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