All The Looks We Loved At The 2019 Golden Globes

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Tonight marks the 76th year of the Golden Globes and this year's awards ceremony has been pinged, "One Big Party."

Last year's ceremony was marked by the Time's Up movement with celebrities dressing from head to toe in black to protest sexual harassment in Hollywood. While celebrities still showed their support of the movement with pins and bracelets this year, you could sense the intention of creating a positive and celebratory experience.

Like every other awards show, Hollywood's finest arrived dripping in all various hues and a slew of designers. Of course, Black Hollywood showed out. Check out some of our favorite looks from tonight's soiree!

Taraji P Henson

Taraji never disappoints on the red carpet and this time she decided to take the plunge in a glamorous, velvet gown. The emerald green color of the custom Vera Wang number gave her melanin and extra glow.

Did you tune in? Which look were you obsessed with?

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