Amara La Negra: Protect Your Yoni To Protect Your Energy

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Recently, Afro-Latina Love and Hip Hop: Miami breakout star Amara La Negra stopped by The Real and talked about her recent decision to be celibate:

"I've been celibate since October and I just wanna, you know what I'm saying, you know what I'm saying — ha — Ain't nobody touching it until I find somebody that I think is worth having all of it."

Amara admitted that her celibacy probably won't last until marriage, but she does plan to wait 90 days before sex to make sure that her partner matches her vibe. With her declaration, she reminds us that celibacy doesn't always mean abstinence. Instead, it can present an opportunity for self-reflection: a task that's arguably needed in the lives of ambitious women with their eyes on the prize.

There comes a time in every woman's life when she realizes that not everyone is on her level.

My first casual encounter after being in a long-term relationship helped me understand that my energy switched up and I'm not the same woman that I used to be. As a result, not everyone can handle the energy of who I have become.

It was a lesson I learned personally after I decided to open my body and my energy to a man following almost a year of sexlessness. I had it in my mind that I would make him wait, but when he got out of my bed to go to work that morning after a long night of dry humping, I decided that it was time. He threw me on the bed, pulled my panties down, and kissed me with so much passion that I knew the sex was going to be lit af.

He entered me, thrusting with all his might and, before long, it was over.

After waiting nearly a year to have sex again, this experience made me want to wait a few more years before I did it again.

His size wasn't an issue, but I couldn't feel him. He was humping me like I've never been humped before, but I didn't feel anything. There was a conscious disconnect between my physical and spiritual being. After about a minute and twenty seconds, he came. And I felt hollow. Drained.

As he finished getting ready for work, I watched him. He was beaming with my energy, as I lied there exhausted and empty. I realized at that moment that sex is truly a transfer of energy, even if it's only casual. Especially if it's only casual.

Amara is at a point in her life where she realized that she can't go around giving all her dope energy to just anybody. When your level of frequency is that high, you have to be able to give it to someone who can not only receive it, but also has the ability to reciprocate on the same level.

Take time to check your frequency, and make sure that the level of energy you receive is equal to the amount that you give.

How do you feel about casual sex and energy transferrence? Let us know in the comments down below!

Click here to check out our full feature story with Amara La Negra.

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