In 2017 We Flourished, Thanks To Sisterhood


I have your Thanksgiving toast ready to go!

Not that you asked for it, but after the highs us sisters had this year, I felt like we needed one. If you could raise your glasses with me, I want you all to remember 2017.

It was the year that black women collectively proved to the world that we are all queens from January through November. And we did it for sisterhood. You should be damn proud.

Our support of each other in the name of sisterhood has truly showed this nation how to love in a time of hate.

Thanks to sisterhood, Myeshia Johnson didn't have to bury her husband, Sgt. LaDavid Johnson, alone. The widow of the fallen soldier made headlines when it was learned that not only was there no answers about the details surrounding her husband's death, but that y'all's President gave her a nonchalant response to her loss. It was sisterhood that compelled Frederica Wilson to be there for her, when she could have easily wrote her a letter, and sent her a Walmart gift card.

Sisterhood was the reason why trans women of color this year chanted as a group, "We won't die another day!" as a means to honor trans lives lost in 2017 (23 at the time) on Transgender Day of Remembrance. They made certain that their voices were loud and clear. Thanks to sisterhood, Andrea Jenkins is now the first openly trans black woman to ever hold political office.

It is with sisterhood that we have proved to our children that they could live their wildest dreams, and have a hella good time while doing it. Insecure's Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji are showing us that right now, with their friendship on and off screen.

Sisterhood is the reason why we have made sure to amplify the voices that will change our minds, or at the minimum, change our hearts. Thanks to Iyanla Vanzant, Angela Rye, Joy Reid, and Demetria Obilor, voices of reason rang loud and proud this year.

If it wasn't for sisterhood, our children would not see with their own eyes that they could tell a story any way they damn well please. Storytellers like Ava DuVernay, Dee Rees, Shonda Rhimes, and Lena Waithe have laid the foundation, and have made way for our kids to build the home.

Because of sisterhood, the world has finally gotten the message: Don't touch our hair!

Thanks to sisterhood, Cyntoia Brown a victim of sex trafficking that is currently serving a life sentence, is surrounded by an army of people who are lobbying for her. Even though she's walked through Hell on Earth, it is sisterhood that's going to help give her another chance to live her life.

Finally, sisterhood is the reason why together, we as women have found ways to tell our stories of love, loss, success, heartbreak, and victory here at And we've done it all for the benefit of our sisters.


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