12 Outfits We're Coveting On Instagram This Month


A new month, a new wave of inspiration. As you've probably noticed from our abundance of style guides, touching on everything from the chunky boots trend that all the IG it girls are wearing to your not-so-average date night looks, we live for a dope style moment on xoNecole.

As winter graces us with the last of its coldfront and we begin prepping for the warmth of spring, we're thinking of revamping our wardrobes ASAP. So colorful two-piece outfits, turtlenecks, and bright colors are more than a mood, they're a move. One of my favorite things about social media is accessibility and that lends itself to some of the best personal style has to offer. Instagram in particular is a modicum of what the fashion realm has to offer, but oh is it an incredible place to start. Don't believe me? Check out some of our favorite looks that IGers slayed in last month that we're happily bringing with us into March.


Skylar has a thing for co-ords and bright colors. This two-piece ensemble embodies that. And the fact that it's corduroy? Slay, sis.

Featured image by Yaminah Mayo/Instagram

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