This cold weather got us all feeling like there's some clovers in the atmosphere.

Unless you're blessed enough to live where it's warm weather all year round, you're on the same page as everyone else that you're over this cold weather! Sometimes it's just not enough to picture ourselves laying on the beach; we actually want to do it. Is it too much to ask to see the sun when we wake up?

Nah, sis. It's not.

That's where this list of places to get warm comes in. And I understand a lot of us are balling on a budget, so this list is pretty affordable. Get into these places that will certainly help you get over the cold weather blues. Take a look:

Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo is actually becoming quite the destination for people who not only want somewhere warm to visit but for anyone interested in a place where the culture and art scene is impeccable, to say the least.

It's the capital of Egypt, so it's pretty modernized and close to what's considered a metropolitan city. It's near the mouth of the Nile River and home of the world-class Egyptian Museum of Tahrir Square. And let's not forget about the Pyramids of Giza. They aren't too far either.

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